In addition to our scientific work, we are actively involved in the preparation of graphical material and covers for many other groups. Contact me at ObscureMyEmail if interested.

Given the rapid growth in the number of scientific publications, which is expected to double every decade,
researchers increasingly need ways to effectively explain and draw attention to their work. One of the most powerful tools for highlighting scientific articles is the preparation of quality graphic material, including the graphical abstracts, which visually represent their findings, and particularly journal covers, which greatly increase the visibility of their paper.

Figures are often the first part of a scientific article that is reviewed by the publisher, and if the document is accepted, often the first elements examined by readers. Even more, the figures are not decoration or just a way to attract attention, but they can convey facts, ideas and relationships much more clearly and concisely than descriptive text.
Images can effectively convey complex information, and well-designed images can help the audience better understand the goals and results of a research.